Ether Mining

Today we’re excited to announce our latest development: Ethereum Scrypt Cloud Mining!

Several months ago, we locked our developers in the conference room and told them not to come up until this was complete. This morning, they walked out of the conference room victorious!

For those who don’t know, Ethereum is an alternative cryptocurrency protocol developed by Vitalik Buterin since 2013. By some it it called Bitcoin 2.0. The new protocol has received community and professional support since being announced. The first sale of Ethereum coins raised over $15 million and today has a total market cap of nearly $75 million. You can learn more about Ethereum here.

“More miners on the network definitely helps to increase the network security. It’s great to see operations & organizations such as Genesis Mining take an interest in supporting Ethereum,” said Vitalik Buterin in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine.

We are very bullish on the future of Ethereum and are extremely excited to be able to offer this to our miners!

The pricing details:

3 MH/s – $53.97
50 MH/s $899.50
100 MH/s $1,799

But as always, you can also upgrade a specific amount on the fly in your dashboard.

The contract details:

All fees are charged upfront, eliminating on-going fees.
When Ethereum switches from proof of work to proof of stake as scheduled, all Ethereum contracts will switch to X11 contracts.

CLICK HERE to start mining Ether!

Our customers asked and we listened. Due to our large scale GPU mining activities we are excited to offer significant parts of our farms for Ethereum mining in the cloud. Users can benefit from our economy of scale and our geothermal powered and optimized GPU mining rigs in Iceland. We are bullish on Ethereum and look forward to giving our customers the chance to profit from this exciting innovation and also to support the network.

All the best to you miners!